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Windows 10 desktop build

Windows 10 desktop build 10586.122 disponibile al download

Microsoft ha da poco rilasciato un nuovo aggiornamento cumulativo ( KB3140743 ) disponibile per tutti gli utenti tramite il Windows Update, portando Windows 10 alla build 10586.122.

Il changelog ufficiale parla principalmente di bugfix, sicurezza e miglioramento delle prestazioni.

10586.122Di seguito il changelog ufficiale di Windows 10 desktop build in lingua inglese :


  • Improved reliability in numerous areas, including OS and Windows Update installation, startup, installing and configuring Windows for the first time, authentication, resuming from hibernation, shutdown, kernel, Start menu, storage, Windows Hello, display modes, Miracast, AppLocker, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge browser, network connectivity and discovery, and File Explorer.
  • Improved performance in video thumbnail generation, NetLogon, Windows Store, and standby power consumption.
  • Improved support for devices including some wearables, displays, and printer scenarios.
  • Reset app default when a registry setting is deleted or corrupted and streamlined notification about the corruption.
  • Fixed an issue causing favorites to be lost after updates are installed.
  • Fixed several issues that individually could cause certain apps to fail to launch, update, or allow in-app purchases.
  • Improved quality of Cortana voices and translations of multiple languages of an Internet Explorer dialog box.
  • Improved support for apps, fonts, graphics and display, airplane mode, Group Policy, PowerShell MDM, Windows Journal, Microsoft Edge, printing, touch display, roaming credentials, Push-Button Reset, Windows UX, local and streaming video, audio quality, error reporting, USMT, and VHD creation.

Dove seguire il changelog:

Il changelog di Windows 10 desktop build risulta bello corposo, per la lista completa di tutti i miglioramenti vi rimandiamo al LINK UFFICIALE.

Se non avete ancora ricevuto il nuovo aggiornamento, basta recarsi in IMPOSTAZIONI->AGGIORNAMENTI E SICUREZZA->WINDOWS UPDATE e pigiare su CERCA AGGIORNAMENTI.

Buon aggiornamento a tutti!



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